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Cevapi Club

Cevapi Club is a collective of international journalists based in the Balkans, with a fresh perspective on regional news. Our homemade reports are delivered to radios, newspapers, TVs and magazines throughout Europe. Ćevapi, a local dish, is the tasty link between all ex-Yugoslavian countries and the aroma that accompanies our stories.

Cevapi Club, why the name? Ćevapi is first of all a dish. Grilled minced meat often served with chopped onions, bread and sometimes with kaymak and ajvar. As Italy is not all pizza and France is not all cheese and wine, the Balkans’ gastronomy cannot be limited to ćevapi. But this dish is a symbolic one: you find it all over the region, from Slovenia to Macedonia, and everybody here knows what it is… But at the same time you cannot accuse it of being Yugo-nostalgic! So, when we were thinking about what to call this website, ćevapi club came to us as an ironic, unpretentious but meaningful name.

Giovanni Vale

Paul Prescott

Giovanni Vale - Cevapi Club Paul Prescott - Cevapi Club
Giovanni Vale was born in the very north-east of Italy. So north and so east, that he doesn’t even look like a proper Italian and he had to gesticulate in the picture to prove his nationality. After studying diplomacy at the University of Trieste, he moved to France in 2010, where he spent three years working at EuradioNantes and Toute l’Europe in Paris. He now writes about Croatia for several Italian media outlets such as Il Piccolo, Osservatorio Balcani e Caucaso and Panorama. He also covers the country for the Swiss Italian Radio and the French website Econostrum.info.

| giovanni[dot]vale[at]me[dot]com
Where does Paul Prescott come from? It’s hard to say. Born in England, raised in South Africa and France, he started his career as a marketing manager in London and later moved to Denmark, Germany, New Zealand, India… (if you need help, check out this video). Half French, half English, Paul cycled all around the world before stopping in Zagreb. He now works as a freelance photographer, as the picture above shows. His photos can be found on Shutterstock and his videos are on youtube. You can also follow his activity on this Facebook page.

paulprescott.com | paulgreigprescott[at]gmail[dot]com

Laetitia Moréni

Jack Davies

Laetitia Moreni - Cevapi Club Jack Davies Cevapi Team
Laetitia Moréni comes from the rolling countryside of Agen, in southern France. Subtle melancholy, endless grumbling and a sincere love of cheese betray her origins. She studied literature at the University of Toulouse and at the Sorbonne in Paris and attended the Superior School of Journalism (ESJ Lille Pro). Before moving to Zagreb in 2014, she worked for the magazine Nouvelles d’Arménie and prepared the TV show “24h chrono de l’international“, produced by TV5Monde and Mondissimo. She now writes for Le Courrier des Balkans, Le Figaro and other French media.

@laetimoreni | laetitia[dot]moreni[at]gmail[dot]com
“I first encountered the Cevapi Club at a party in Zagreb. I spent a lot of time shouting at Giovanni to come to Skopje. He came and tried to teach me the words to ‘Bella Ciao‘. Before leaving me in Macedonia he invited me to join the Cevapi Club. No one ever offered to let me be in their gang before, so I said yes. When not mangling the words to Italian folk songs I write about protests, political intrigue and pissheadery for a variety of outlets including Vice, Balkanist and OpenDemocracy“.

@jackoozell | jack[dot]davies50[at]gmail[dot]com
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