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Yesterday afternoon, two hours before the third evening of protest’s six o’clock kick-off time, the heavens opened over Skopje. Not just rain, but great globules of liquid dropped like sacks of marbles from the sky. It looked for a time like the whole thing might have to be called off. Under such conditions it is hard to be angry at anyone but the clouds, and who ever heard of clouds moved by peaceful protest? But, with half an hour to spare, the heavens granted a reprieve.

Clouds are not renowned for their political convictions, they tend to blow where the wind takes them. So it is safe to assume that the prevailing wind blows in favour of the protesters; a sentiment which seems to be held on earth as it is in the heavens, among the protesters at least.

The consensus is that Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski and his cohorts’ departure is now an inevitability. Two questions remain, how long will it take for them to go and how cruelly their desperation to cling to power will manifest itself.

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