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    Jack Davies
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    Reason Magazine
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Like a lot of people in Europe, Czech activist Vit Jedlicka was dissatisfied with the state of affairs in his country.

“You know, it was rising taxes every single year, rising number of regulations every single year,” he said. “So I felt like I had to do something about it.”

Unlike a lot of people, for Jedlicka doing something meant founding a whole new country: Liberland.

“Everybody told me, ‘You should start your own country to prove that your ideas of liberty work,’” he said in a phone interview. “So I did.”

There’s something charmingly maniacal about Liberland’s self-proclaimed president. Despite giving more than 200 interviews in the last fortnight, he’s chatty and his voice trills with a ha ha ha when something pleases him. But underneath this quaint exterior lies a Napoleonic self-assurance that he will build a second Dubai on a seven square kilometer patch of land on the west bank of the River Danube as it runs between Croatia and Serbia.

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